Rust Remover is a single component active chemical (liquid) which removes the rust from metallic surfaces. i.e. M.S Rebar’s/Structures/pipes/plates/auto parts etc. It is a ready to use liquid chemical, which can be easily applied by brush or spray.

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Construction Industry

Before constructing/repairing any RCC member, the most important work is to remove the rust from the reinforced steel bars. Otherwise it leads to further corrosion of steel resulting in undesirable stresses /cracking in the concrete structures. This eventually reduces the strength of the structures and also makes a gateway for water resulting in leakages and spalling of concrete. Thus this rust removal and further preventive treatments to steel are of great importance.

Spare Parts & Machinery

Rust remover must be poured into a tank of required size and the parts should be dipped into it for 5 to 10 minutes. Derusting starts immediately and within 5-10 min all rust is completely removed. For products which cannot be dipped, gentle rubbing with a clean rag or soft brush is recommended.


Appearance : Yellowish Green Liquid
pH : Acidic
Coverage : 80 to 100 sq.feet/litre
Shelf Life : 12 to 18 months

Application Procedure

• First remove the loose rust from the desired surface by a wire brush/emery paper, mechanical chipping,hammering etc.
• Then apply RUST REMOVER Solution by a brush
• Allow it to react with the surface for 5-6 hours
• Again remove the loosened rust by wire brush/emery paper
• In case of rebars, clean the surface with water


• Removes rust within short span of time
• Non-toxic/ no obnoxious odour
• Non irritant to skin
• It is Chloride Free

Packing : 1 kg, 5 kgs, 25 kgs, 50 Kgs

The information given is true to the best of our knowledge. They are offered in good faith but without guarantee as conditions and methods of use of all our products are beyond our control. Users are requested to determine the suitability of our material before adopting them on a commercial scale.