(Rebar Coating Chemical)
Polyfix is basically a polymer based coating that is specially formulated to protect steel from corrosion. Mild steel starts corroding when it is directly exposed to the atmosphere or when it comes in contact with water. Due to corrosion reduces the strength of steel making it unable to bear the designed loads. Therefore it is very important to prevent steel from corrosion.

  • Description


Steel can be prevented from corrosion if conditions around steel are maintained in the alkaline range. Polyfix is alkaline in nature and cement itself is alkaline in nature. Thus when this mixed slurry is applied on steel, it forms a permanent protective coating preventing any further corrosion.

Application Procedure 

  1. First clean the steel surface of any loosely held particles scales by a wire brush/ sand papers. Swipe down the surface with a paint brush /cloth again.
  2. Prepare slurry by mixing 1 Kg Polyfix and 1/1.5 Kg fresh cement into a lump free consistency. Add little water for painting consistency. Then apply this slurry on the surface by a paint brush.


  • Prepare adequate amount of material which can be used in 30 minutes.

Packing :    5,25,50 kgs


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