Epox CT is a two component coal tar based epoxy system. i.e. epoxy resin & hardener. The hardener is incorporated into the coal tar itself. It is specially used in coastal areas and chemical zones as it has high anticorrosion, high abrasion and waterproofing properties. The combination of epoxy resin with tar gives the excellent adhesion and chemical resistance of epoxy, together with the flexibility and superior water resistance of tar based materials. It protects steel from harmful gases, acidic fumes etc in a industrial or marine environment. It shows resistance to many kind of harmful acids, alkali’s etc. Provides outstanding resistance to abrasion, strong chemicals and immersion in fresh or salt water. Not for use in potable water tanks; may impart an odor to liquids. Ideal for use on a variety of surfaces exposed to extremely corrosive environments. Not recommended for exposure to strong acids or immersion in strong solvents.

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Technical Data

Mixing Ratio 1:1 by volume
Appearance Glossy Black coating
Viscosity 2000 – 4000cp
Coverage 70-80 Sq.ft on mild steel
55-65 Sq.ft on concrete
Shelf life 12 months in original packing

Application Procedure

1. Clean the surface to make it free from dust, grease, oil etc.
2. If cracks are observed on concrete, widen it and fill it with Polymer & cement putty. If applied on steel the surface should be properly derusted.
3. In a clean vessel, mix one part of resin & one part of hardener by volume. Stir it slowly to achieve a homogeneous mix.
4. Apply two coats with a brush in an interval of 24 hours.


1. Excellent anti corrosion properties.
2. High abrasion resistance.
3. Excellent adhesion on all surfaces.
4. Excellent resistance to seawater.


1. Waterproof coating on concrete
2. Anti corrosive coating on steel used in bridges, bridge decks, oil tanks, ships etc.

Packing: 5 Kg, 10 kg, 20 kg (each component)

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