Rust Converter

Rust Converter is a single component active chemical (liquid) which reacts with the adherent rust on the metal surface and forms a protective film. This film prevents further rusting of steel.

  • Description


Technical Data

Appearance : Slightly black hazy coloured Liquid
Coverage : 80 to 100 sq.feet/Kg
Base : Alkaline
Shelf Life : 12 to 18 months

Application Procedure

• First remove the loose rust from the desired surface by a wire brush/emery paper.
• Then apply RUST CONVERTER Solution by brush /spray
• Allow it to react with the surface for around two hours.


• Forms a long lasting protective film on the metal surface
• Easily applicable by brush/spray
• Non-toxic/ no obnoxious odour
• Non irritant to skin
Packing :1 Kg, 5 Kgs, 25 Kgs, 50 kgs
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