Epox WT is a two component water based food grade epoxy system specially formulated for water proofing of RCC water tanks. It is odorless, non toxic, non flammable and eco- friendly. Unlike pure epoxy resins, it can also be applied on damp surfaces also. It is specially formulated for waterproofing of RCC Water Tanks. It gives 100% waterproofing results when applied in leaking old RCC tank. There is no need of breaking the whole cement plasters as done in a conventional waterproofing system.

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Technical Data

Resin Appearance White Colour
Hardener Appearance Yellow Colour
Film Appearance Transparent glossy
Pot Life 45 min at 35c
Coverage 20-25 Sq.ft per Kg/mix in two coats
Shelf life 12-15 months in original packing

Application Procedure

1. Clean the surface with water to make it free from dust, grease, oil etc.
2. If cracks are observed, widen it and fill it with polymer & cement putty. Injection grouting can be done for hollow areas. Loose plasters should be attended in a RCC water Tank.
3. In a clean vessel, mix one part of resin & one part of hardener by weight.
4. Stir it slowly to achieve a homogeneous mix. If viscosity of mix is higher add little water (5-10%) and stir properly.
5. Apply two coats with a brush in an interval of 6-8 hours. Three coats are recommended for better results.
6. Fill the tank with water after 12 hours.


1. Prepare adequate of material, which can be used in 30 minutes.
2. Wash the brush immediately after use.
3. Don’t retamper the mix with water again & again.


1. It is non-toxic & non-flammable.
2. It is self curing. No additional curing method is required.
3. Can be safely used in contact with drinking water.
4.Excellent waterproofing properties
5. Can also be mixed with cement. It is cement compatible

In RCC water tanks for portable drinking water
As a transparent waterproof coating on Roofs, External façade etc.

Packing: 5Kgs, 10kgs, 20 kgs (each component)


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