It is basically specially formulated water based elastomeric waterproof paint designed for topcoat waterproofing of terraces, external walls, chajjas etc. It is a heavy duty ready to use waterproofing paint having excellent adhesion to all kind of surfaces. It is also fibre reinforced. It has excellent abrasion resistant properties making it suitable to be even applied on china mosaic surfaces. It has excellent water repellent properties and has a life of 6-8 years on external walls, parapet, chajjas etc.

  • Description


Technical data

Appearance White
Coverage 30-40 per litre/per coat
Shelf life 12 months in original packing

Application Procedure

1.Clean the surface with water to remove any kind of dust, oils etc. Use proper wire brush and scrapper for cleaning.

2. Open the cracks if any in V groove and fill the same with our polymer Polybond Acro and cement.

3. For Terrace WaterProofing
• Apply first coat as a primer .Dilute Leakproof in 3:1 (Water)
• Then apply 2-3 coats of Leakproof without diluting

4.For external Vertical surfaces dilute leakproof wth 20% water and apply in two coats


1. Excellent bonding to various substrates. i.e. concrete, wood, metal etc.
2. Ready to use high performance single component Waterproof coating.
3. High abrasion resistance.
4. Can be applied on china mosaic surfaces subjected to low foot traffic.

Packing 20 ltr, 10 ltr, 5ltr

Storage Keep away from direct sunlight
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