Rust Remover is a single component active chemical (liquid) which removes rust from metal M.S Rebars/Structures/pipes/plates etc. It is a ready to use liquid, which can be easily applied by brush or spray.

Before repairing any RCC member, the most important work is to remove the rust from the reinforced steel bars. Otherwise it leads to further corrosion of steel resulting in undesirable stresses /cracking in the concrete structures. This eventually reduces the strength of the structures and also makes a gateway for water resulting in leakages and spalling of concrete. Thus this rust removal and further preventive treatments to steel are of great importance.


It is used for removing rust from old & new reinforcement
Can be universally used for removing rust from any surface


Rust Converter is a single component active chemical (liquid) which reacts with the adherent rust on the metal surface and forms a protective film. This film prevents further rusting of steel.


It is used for converting rust into a protective layer on rebar at the time of RCC repair as well as as to corroded rebars used in new constructions


Polyfix is basically an acrylic based elastomeric polymer that is specially formulated to protect steel from corrosion. Mild steel starts corroding when it is directly exposed to the atmosphere or when it comes in contact with water. Due to corrosion reduces the strength of steel making it unable to bear the designed loads. Therefore it is very important to prevent steel from corrosion.

Steel can be prevented from corrosion if conditions around steel are maintained in the alkaline range. Polyfix is alkaline in nature and cement itself is alkaline in nature. Thus when this mixed slurry is applied on steel, it forms a permanent protective coating preventing any further corrosion.


It is used as a passivator coat on rebar to prevent further corrosion


Epox CT is a two component coal tar based epoxy system. i.e. epoxy resin & hardener. The hardener is incorporated into the coal tar itself. It is specially used in coastal areas and chemical zones as it has high anticorrosion, high abrasion and waterproofing properties.

Excellent anti corrosion properties
High abrasion resistance
Excellent adhesion on all surfaces
Excellent resistance to seawater


Waterproof coating on concrete
Anti corrosive coating on steel used in bridges, bridge decks, oil tanks, ships etc