Polybond SBR is basically styrene butadiene latex. It is designed for use in cement-latex compositions. It has good mechanical stability properties and a long-term non-foaming behavior. It also passes the freeze thaw cycle stability test. It gives very high resistance to the penetration of water into the cement admixture, which gives better aging. It highly reduces the water cement ratio thereby increasing the compressive strength of the mortar.

  • Description


Technical Data

Appearance white
pH 8
Solids > 45
Shelf Life Twelve months in original packing


Polybond SBR 1 Kg
Cement 5 Kg
Quartz Sand 15 Kg
Water 1-1.25 Ltr app.

Application Procedure

1. First wet down the surface thoroughly. For preparing bond coat, mix 1kg Polybond SBR with 0.5 to 1 kg cement to form a lump free consistency. This slurry can then be applied by brush on the surface.
2. Within 10 minutes of application of bondcoat, the polymer mortar should be applied.
3. Curing should be done for 2-3 days.


• In repair mortars/concretes
• All waterproofing mortars/ concretes
• Waterproof Coatings
Packing : 1,5,20,50 kgs
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