PlastMix is basically an Integral Waterproofing compound based on special plasticizers, polymer additives etc. It reduces the amount of water required to achieve the same workability of concrete. It enhances the strength and durability of concrete. It can be used in cement plaster, mass concrete work, precast concrete work, structural R.C.C construction, heavy industrial construction, all cement mortars etc. It improves the workability of the cement mortar, makes it cohesive thereby reducing segregation. It overall improves the integral waterproofing properties of the cement mortar.

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  • Description


Technical data

Appearance : Brown Liquid
pH : Alkaline
Content : Nil
Shelf Life : 12 months in original packing

Direction of use

PlastMix is recommended for use in all types of concrete/cement plasters. It can be used in various applications at different dosage rates per bag of cement. It is to be added to the gauging water ( water to be mixed in concrete/mortar). i.e.

• Plaster Mortars : 100-200 ml
• R.C.C Concrete : 100-500 ml
• P.C.C : 100-300 ml

Still the user should take field trial to evaluate the appropriate dosage.

Precaution: It should not be added to dry cement


1. Reduces water/cement ratio
2. Water reduction
3. Increases workability/flowability
4. Easier placing ,better compaction and finishing
5. Improves slump and reduces permeability
6. Reduces shrinkage cracks and creep
7. Reduces rebound losses


Waterproofing of all cement mortar/concrete used in civil engineering construction

: 1, 5, 20, 50 Kg

The information given is true to the best of our knowledge. They are offered in good faith but without guarantee as conditions and methods of use of all our products are beyond our control. Users are requested to determine the suitability of our material before adopting them on a commercial scale.