Plasterbond is a modified polymeric solution specially formulated to achieve a stronger bonding between plaster and concrete or between old & new plaster. It gives a strong interfacial bond between old and new plaster. It eradicates the need of hacking of concrete. Hacking of RCC members don’t give proper bonding between old and new concrete and also leads to micro-cracking and development of stresses.

  • Description


Plasterbond (super) is a similar product (highly concentrated solution). It is very tacky. It is recommended for ceilings of especially big halls as there is an additional gravitational force pulling the plaster down. All other properties and application procedure is the same.

Technical data

Polymer Type Acrylic Co-Polymer
Appearance White
pH 7-9
Coverage 80 to 100 sq.feet/Kg
Shelf Life Twelve months in original packing

Application Procedure

1. Clean the surface with water jet to remove loose loose particles, dirt , etc and then moisten the surface.
2. If rebars are exposed, apply rust removers and remove the rust. Then apply POLYFIX in two coats to passivate the steel.
3. Then apply one single coat of Plasterbond either by brush or spray. After 10-15 min when the surface becomes tacky, give a chit chat of cement mortar.
4. Then plaster the surface or place the concrete within two hours.
5. Clean the brushes immediately after use.


• Builds strong bond between plaster and concrete/old and new plaster
• Reduces rebound loss
• Easily applicable by brush/spray
• Improves waterproofing upto a certain extent

Packing : 1,5, 20, 50 kgs

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