Fibreplast are new generation chopped fibre strands cut in uniform length designed for mixing in all kinds of cement mortars/concrete etc. It is a kind of secondary reinforcement material which enhances the properties of cement mortar/concrete even at very low addition levels.

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1) Reduces shrinkage cracks/micro-cracks during plastic & hardening stage
2) Control & prevention of cracking in fresh concrete
3) Reduces water permeability
4) Excellent Workability
5) Overall enhancement of durability & mechanical properties of cement mortar/concrete
6) Improves abrasion resistance
7) Safe & easy to handle
8) Non- corrosive


1) In all kinds of internal & external cement plasters/shotcrete/guniting etc
2) In all forms of concrete i.e. slabs, beams, columns, lintels, industrial floors, roads, bridges, pavements, airport runways etc.
3) In all types of concretes ie. Sitemix, RMC, Precast etc
4) In commercial construction ie. footing/piles/pilecap/retaining walls/car parking slabs, roof slabs/water retaining structures/structural concrete
5) Waterproofing/water retaining structures


6mm size – 125 g in plaster mortar

125 g Pouch
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