Silicoat Ext is a highly economical aqueous silicone based product. It is specially formulated to be used as a water-repellent transparent coating on masonry surfaces/cement paints & porous surfaces etc. It is easily applied by brush or spray.

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Technical Specifications

Appearance Slightly pale colourless liquid
Sp. Gravity 1.00
pH Alkaline
Shelf Life Nine months in original packing

Application Procedure

Mix 1 litre Silicoat Ext in 9-10 litres of water. Stir it properly and then apply it with brush. The product reacts with moisture and carbon dioxide present in the air to form an insoluble, invisible water repellent film within 24 hours. Coverage is around 75-100 sq.feet depending on the porosity of the substrate.


1. Excellent water repellency
2. Eco- friendly, non-toxic, non hazardous
3. Forms a breethable film
4. Prevents seepage
5. Prevents algae and fungus growth
6. Enhances life of cement paints
7. Application Brush can be easily washed with water


1. Exterior walls, exposed bricks
2. Natural stones and concrete structures
3. Cement & asbestos sheet

Precaution: Store at less than 30 deg.c & out of direct sunlight
Packing: 1,5, 20, 50 kgs

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