Polybond Acro is basically an acrylic copolymer of very fine particle size which can be used to modify ordinary cement mortars & cement concrete mortars. Mortars modified with Polybond Acro have excellent adhesion to different substrates such as brick, masonry, concrete and wood etc. The modified mortar highly improves the mechanical properties ie. Compressive strength, Impact strength & Flexural strength. It can also used as base coat for waterproofing of Terraces, Bathrooms, Swimming Pools, Podiums etc.

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Technical Data

Polymer Type Acrylic Copolymer
Appearance White
pH 8-10
Solids > 45
Shelf Life 12 months in original packing

Application Procedure

Polybond Acro can be used for preparing bonding coats, polymer modified cement mortars and for crack filling mortar.

1. For preparing bond coat slurry, mix 1 kg Polybond Acro and kg cement thoroughly. The surface on which the bondcoat has to be applied should be cleaned with water properly. Then the mixture can be applied by a brush on the surface to be bonded.

2. For preparing polymer modified cement mortar, use 1 kg Polybond Acro with 5 kg cement and 15 kg quartz sand (Polymer: Cement: Quartz sand ratio is 1:5:15). Mix Polybond Acro with required quantity of water and stir it properly. Then add the liquid to the cement-sand mix preferably in a stirrer to achieve a lump free mixture.

3. For preparing a crack filling mortar, use 2 kg Polybond Acro, 5-kg cement and 15 kg Quartz sand. First mix the cement and Quartz sand properly. Then add the cement sand mix into the polymer and stir it properly, until a uniform paste is formed (Donot mix any water). Then the mortar can be used for crack filling effectively.

4. Waterproofing Application
For preparing waterproofing membrane coatings, mix 1part of POLBOND ACRO with 1-1.5 kg cement. Apply two coats at an interval of 4 hours. Pond test can be done after 48 hours.
In all applications, curing should be done for two to three days. Prepare only as much quantity which can be used in 30 minutes.


• Improves adhesion, more tolerant towards the substrate self priming
• Better bond to older concrete layers
• Reduces porosity & better resistance towards Carbonation. Polybond Acro fills the air voids & blocks pores
• Lower shrinkage thanks to the reduced W/C ratio
• Improved workability
• Reduced water absorption
• Increases resistance towards frost/thaw cycle
• Very effective even in low concentrations


• In repair mortars/concretes
• All waterproofing mortars/ concretes
• In crack filling systems
• Construction joints
Packing : 1,5,20,25,50 kgs
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