Gypbond is a single component bonding chemical specially formulated to achieve a strong bond between RCC (concrete) surface and gypsum plasters. It offers a strong chemical and mechanical bonding between the RCC surface and gypsum. It eliminates the need of hacking the RCC members thereby saving time and labour. It saves the cost of cement plasters in ceiling etc completely. There is no risk of debonding as such in cement plasters.

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Technical Specifications
Appearance Green colour thick liquid
pH Alkaline
Coverage 4-5 sq.metre/kg

1) Ready to use single component liquid
2) Easily applied by brush
3) Green colour imparts easy identification on RCC Surface
4) Imparts both chemical & mechanical bonding between the two surfaces
5) Bonds well with cement plaster aswell.
1) No need of hacking the RCC members ie. ceilings, columns, beams, shear walls
2) Saves time and labour
3) Saves cement plastering cost
4) Ready to use ,easily applied by brush
5) No risk of debonding. No curing
6) Plastering can be done after 24 hours of application
Application Details
1) Clean the surface of all dust, dirt,oil etc
2) Open the drum and stir it properly before applying. It is very important for uniform distribution of the aggregates. Add water for good brushability.
3) Apply using a paint brush. Ensure the aggregates are spread uniformly
4) Allow it to dry for 24 hours before plastering
10 kg, 20 kg
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