Waterproof 118 is a styrene acrylic copolymer of fine particle size, free of solvents. Waterproof 118 is highly cement compatible and is used for flexible membranes for terrace, chajjas and roof waterproofing. Waterproof 118 can also used for very flexible mortars and cement containing insulating coatings.

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Technical Data

Appearance Milky White
pH 7-8
Solids 56 to 58
Coverage 35-50 sq.feet/Kg in one coat
Shelf Life Twelve months in original packing

Application Procedure

• Clean and scrub the surface with water to free from dust, greese, oil or any other contaminant that could impair adhesion.
• Cracks if present should be widened and then filled with POLYBOND ACRO mortar. Allow it to cure properly
• Then damp down the concrete surface with clean water.
• In a clean vessel mix 1kg WP-118 with 1.5 Kg fresh Portland cement. Stir it properly to a lump free consistency. Apply the slurry on the surface by brush properly.
• Apply the second coat after 10-12 hours interval/next day and allow to set for 48 hours
• Cure the surface with water by light spraying or moist gunny bags for 3-4 days.
• Do the pond test to check any leakage


1. Prepare adequate amount of material which can be used in 30 minutes.
2. Do not retamper the blend again & again with water.
3. Fiber glass cloth can also be reinforced between two coats or fine quartz sand can also be added to the blend to increase the toughness of the film
4. Wash the brush immediately after use.


• Excellent adhesion. Bonds to porous and non- porous surfaces
• Breathable – whilst repelling water, allows substrate to breathe
• High resistance to carbon di oxide & chloride diffusion
• Non toxic & good chemical resistance

• In roof slabs, terraces, chajjas, sloping & folded plate roofs etc
• Watertanks, bathrooms, toilets etc
• Internal and external plastered surfaces, floorings etc

Packing : 1,5, 20, 50 kgs

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