CONMIX SP1030 is basically a high range water reducing super plasticizer admixture. It drastically reduces the amount of water required to achieve the same workability of concrete at a nominal dosage. It enhances the strength and durability of concrete. It produces extremely workable and flowing concrete without loss of strength and with reduced w/c ratio. It can be used in mass concrete work, precast concrete work, structural R.C.C construction, congested reinforcement areas, heavy industrial construction  etc.

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Technical data

Appearance : Brown Liquid
Main Base : Sulphonated Napthalene Formaldehyde
pH : 7-8
Chloride Content : Nil
Sp. Density : 1.2 at room temperature
Shelf Life : 12 months in original packing


CONMIX SP1030 can be used in all types of concrete depending upon the desired properties of strength and flowability. It can be used in various applications at different dosage rates per bag of cement. It is to be added to the gauging water ( water to be mixed in concrete). It is suitable for use with all types of ordinary Portland cements and other pozzolonic materials such as PFA, GGBFS and silica fume.

For high strength, water reduced concrete the normal dosage range is from 400ml-800ml/per bag of cementitious material, including PFA, GGBFS and microsilica. For high workability concrete the normal dosage range is from 350ml -1000ml/per bag of cement. For normal water reduced and flowable concrete a lower dosage of 100-250ml can be used. Still the user should take field trials to evaluate the appropriate dosage according to his individual requirement.

Overdosage should generally be avoided. It can give undesired results such as delay in setting time or segregation or reduction in strengths.

Precaution: It should not be added to dry cement. It should always be added to the gauging water or directly to the wet mix.

1. High water reduction of 15-30 % is possible depending upon dosage
2. Higher increase in strength at early ages without increase in cement content
3. Increased workability,flowability & pumpability of concrete
4. Easier placing ,better compaction and finishing
5. Improves slump and reduces permeability
6. Significant cement saving without reduction in strength


1. In production of high strength flowable concrete
2. To achieve high water reduction and better workability in normal strength concrete
3. In areas of congested reinforcement
4. In high strength precast concrete
Packing : 1,5,20,50 kgs
The information given is true to the best of our knowledge. They are offered in good faith but without guarantee as conditions and methods of use of all our products are beyond our control. Users are requested to determine the suitability of our material before adopting them on a commercial scale.