EPOX-118, is pigmented high solids two components Epoxy based [i.e. Resin & Hardener] air drying systems, specially formulated for Anti-corrosive coating in chemical Zones and coastal areas. It’s composition of Epoxy resin, Hardener, pigment paste & fillers for good Elastomeric, flow & wetting properties. The process of weighting odd quantities of Resin & Hardener is eliminated, hence the two components are mixed before application on given proportion by volume.

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(Epoxy Coating ELASTOMERIC – an Anticorrosive Coating)


• Ratio: Resin part 1.0 part by Vol. 1.0 part by Wt.
• Hardener part 0.5 part by vol. 0.4 part by Wt.
• Viscosity of mix : 50 +/- 10 seconds (by ford cup No.B4)
• Pot life of mix: 60 to 90 Minutes at 35`c temp.
• Coverage of mix: Mild steel 4-5 Sqm/kg. with 100-120 microns 2 coats
• Concrete 3-4 Sqm/kg. with 120-150 microns 2 coats
• Coats Recommended: Two coats over prime coat at an interval of 24 hrs between the coats.
• Curing: Gets completed chemically cured at room temp with 5-7 Days.
• Visual Appearance: On completing curing……………………GLOSSY.
• Shelf – life : Minimum 12 months stored at cool & dry place in sealed containers supplied
• Shades available : Light Shades as: Yellow, Green : Bus green, Apple green,


For better adhesion, it is essential to clean the surface on which EPOX – 118 is to be applied. To remove dust dirt or loose particle by emery paper, wire brush or power tools. To get optimum performance the surface must be dry, free from oil grease and sufficiently roughened.


EPOX – 118 being excellent [Chemical Resistance] is suitable systems for the corrosive chemical Industries to prevent the M S. Structures, TMT Bars from Acidic Fumes, TMT bars from rusting during monsoon, Dilute Acidic & Alkali’s.

For Chemical, We recommend EPOX-100, as prime coat due to good adhesion ability with M. S. Structures. And further more the same system coating can be applied to M.S. Grills of Residence & Hotels beside coastal Zones.

EPOX -118 being Flexible, Glossy and smooth finish is suitable system for the FLOORING & WALLS of offices, pharmaceuticals, garments, photo films, texturing industries & even at Hotel & Residence.

PACKING : 10,20 kgs

The information given is true to the best of our knowledge. They are offered in good faith but without guarantee as conditions and methods of use of all our products are beyond our control. Users are requested to determine the suitability of our material before adopting them on a commercial scale.