Anti Corrosive Re-Inforcement Coatings

Radhe Krishna Chemical Company is one of the most renowned and well established Anti corrosive reinforcement coatings manufacturers in India. We came into being in the year 2004 in the vast chemicals market in Mumbai and have been prospering ever since. The main aim of an anti-corrosive reinforcement coating is to protect steel structures from abrasion when exposed to different atmospheric conditions.
Polyfix is one of the most commonly used polymer-based coatings that is meticulously formulated to prevent steel from corrosion. Abrasion of steel reduces the strength and capabilities of steel, therefore, making it weak and incapable of bearing the designed loads. This is why prevention of steel from corrosion and rusting is extremely essential.

Being among the leading Anti corrosive reinforcement coatings manufacturers in India, RadheKrishna Chemical Company works diligently towards providing the vast chemical market with polyfix (Anti Corrosive Rebar coating chemical) and other coatings like Cera Zinc Zr polyamide. To prevent a steel structure from corrosion it is necessary that it is in an alkaline range.

Polyfix combined with cement is alkaline in nature and when applied on steel it forms a permanent protective layer, rather a covering thereby ensuring no further corrosion. Cera Zinc CR is a two pack polyamide compound exhibiting excellent resistance to abrasion and is the ideal choice for repairing exposed concrete with the help of cera chemical concrete repair products and works as a primer for subsequent coatings in steel structures. These epoxy paint in India work exceedingly well in natural that is saline environments as well as industrial environments.

As we are one of the topmost Anti corrosive reinforcement coatings manufacturers in India our coatings are widely used in various industries for a large number of applications. They are used for the protection of reinforcement in concrete, structural steel, conveyors, storage tanks and many more from the saline and industrial surrounding. They are also extensively used in fertilizer plants, refineries and petrochemical complexes, hydroelectric projects, pulp, paper and rayon units, sugar industries, bridges, flyovers and many more. It is the ultimate solution for a long-term protection against any kind of abrasion, corrosion and has an amazing impact on old corroded structures and rusted bridges.

Being among the foremost Anti corrosive reinforcement coatings manufacturers in India, RadheKrishna Chemical ensures that all their anti-corrosive paints and coatings are fabricated using the highest quality materials, therefore, assuring maximum and optimum result to our clients. Utilization of anti-corrosive coatings forms an impenetrable adhering film which avoids any kind of corrosion.

Hence, RadheKrishna Chemical Company is considered as the best Anti corrosive reinforcement coatings manufacturers in Mumbai, India.