Conmix PC500 is a third generation high performance concrete Superplasticizer, a yellowish brown colored transparent solution of Polycarboxylate Ether Polymer, which provides high water reduction and longer workability retention for extended period of time.

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Type : Poly Carboxylate Ether Admixture
Color: Light yellow to brown liquid
Solid Contents : 50% min
Specific gravity : 1.08+0.02
Ph : 5-7
Shelf life : 12 months in the original un-opened packing.

• To provide high slump for longer duration of time suiting ready mix concrete
• To produce concrete with larger water reduction when cement and filler contents are high.
• To produce concrete with high workability without segregation and bleeding
• Suitable to produce concrete containing pozzolans like micro silica slag and fly ash.

• Highly suitable for ready mix concrete and concrete requiring extended period of workability
• Self compacting concrete
• Water reduction up to 40%
• Ready mix and pre-cast concrete industries where high workability and Slump retention is required
• Site Concreting
• High Grade/Strength Concrete

Storage : Keep away from direct sunlight and extreme heat.

Approximately 0.25%-0.5% by weight of cement
To determine the optimum dosage lab trials are recommended

Packing: 50,230 Kgs drums

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